Gastric Plication


Laparoscopic Greater Curve Plication LGCP

Gastric Plication

Gastric Plication LGCP is similar to Sleeve Gastrectomy in its effect without resecting any stomach.  There is no cutting or removing of the stomach. The stomach is plicated or imbricated (folding the gastric wall inside) on the greater curvature of the stomach by 2 rows of non-absorbable sutures.  By plication,  the luminal volume in the stomach will be reduced by 70%.  This reduced space causes fullness with even small amounts of food.

Read what the The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has said for this procedure Click Here


  • As there is no cutting or removing of the stomach, the surgery unlike SG is potentially reversible though sometimes with difficulty.


  • It causes intense nausea in the first 1-2 weeks; people may have to be put on Intravenous drip for a couple of weeks even.  They may require further operation where a couple of stitches may have to be removed or the whole of the placation is reversed.
  • The stitches can also cause leak from the stomach.
  • There is also danger of herniation of stomach through the stitches  and  gangrene of part of stomach though rare.
  • Though weight loss may be about 60% over a couple of years, weight regain can occur in 40% of patients.  There is also a failure rate (not even achieving 30% excess weight loss) of 6-20%.


Warning:  Thoroughly discuss the pros and cons of the procedure with your surgeon.